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Angel Cat
Cats do have a conscience: it tells them when to look innocent.
Jerome K. Jerome (1859-1927)


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› Sonata for Harp in C Minor

Sophia Giustani Dussek (1775-1831)

Played by Güneş Hızlılar (Harp). Sophia Dussek (née Corri) was born in Scotland, and married the London-based Czech composer Jan Ladislav Dussek in 1792.

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Worst (adj.)

See how Charlotte Brontë uses it in a sentence.

New Stories
Bite-size tales from history, myth and fiction.
Merchants of Muscovy
In 1553, Richard Chancellor set out on a perilous voyage to Russia in order to bypass the Hanseatic League’s single market.
Not a Scratch!
Hapless extremists try to wipe out a miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary.
A True Gentleman of Verona
A young man from the Italian city on the Adige River demonstrates that class has nothing to do with wealth.
Samuel Smiles (1812-1904)
Wellington’s Secret
The future hero of Waterloo dealt with political ambush as comfortably as he dealt with the military kind.
Samuel Smiles (1812-1904)
One Last Question
English lawyer Sydney Carton goes to the guillotine in place of a French aristocrat.
Charles Dickens (1812-1870)
A poem of nostalgia for the sea breezes and yellow gorse of Northumberland.
Wilfrid Wilson Gibson (1878-1962)
A meditation on our instinctive love for the place in which we live.
Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936)
Triumph in Adversity
Two famous figures, one from the sciences and one from the arts, who turned suffering to advantage.
Samuel Smiles (1812-1904)
Straightforward English
Beware those who encourage ordinary people to be content with bureaucratic waffle or clumsy, SMS-style English.
N.L. Clay
New Puzzles
Quick brainteasers testing vocabulary and arithmetic.
Make as many words as you can from the letters of a nine-letter word.
Make as many words as you can from the letters of a nine-letter word.
Quickword No. 35
Do you know ‘cowardly’ (6 letters), and ‘historic Greek victory in 479 BC’ (7 letters)?
Find prepositions to follow each of these words.
Adjectives are Easy
Try writing complete sentences using these adjectives in the predicative position.
Easy Adjectives
Try writing complete sentences using these adjectives in the attributive position.
Pair Off
Make words like ‘give in’ and ‘switch off’, and then find other words to express their meaning.
Super Colossal
Suggest things or circumstances which are just begging for these adjectives.
Put in a Good Word
For each of these things, select the most apposite word of praise.
From the Archives
Some stories you may have missed.
Edward Elgar suffered from depression, and ‘Nimrod’ is his token of thanks to the true friend who supported him through it.
Music by Edward Elgar (1857-1934)
‘God Save the King!’
The simple melody of the United Kingdom’s national anthem has stirred the souls of some great composers.
Elisha and Naaman the Syrian
Naaman had very fixed ideas about what it takes to get a miracle.
The Story of ‘Messiah’
The first thing ‘Messiah’ did was to set a hundred and forty-two prisoners free.
Music by George Frideric Handel (1685-1759)
Love’s Last Knot
Richard Crashaw offers the hope of eternity for wedded love.
Richard Crashaw (1613-1649)
St George, Patron Saint of England
George was born in Israel and served in the Roman army, yet makes an ideal patron for England.
Cyril and Hypatia
A ‘Christian’ mob kidnapped and murdered a much-loved professor of mathematics - for her politics.
The Partridge and the Cockerels
It’s hard when messed-up people treat you badly, but if you take it personally it only makes it worse.
Based on a fable by Aesop of Samos
The Ladder with Twenty-Four Rungs
The Duke of Argyll was pleasantly surprised to find one of his gardeners reading a learned book of mathematics - in Latin.